Whole Places - Charnley-Norwood House

The goal of Whole Places is to raise awareness and understanding about historic sites along the Mississippi Gulf Coast that have cultural and ecological significance. The sites have been carefully selected to show diversity in flora, fauna, and history.

Whole Places will endeavor to connect with educators, parents, and students alike, searching for an inclusive manner in which to deliver materials, implement the curriculum, and inspire young minds both in and out of the classroom.  The program will provide lesson plans that will be available to all teachers, a guide for field trips to each of the five sites, and hands on activities that can be performed to further the experience of historic preservation and bring awareness to the principal and endangered places along the Mississippi Coast. 

After learning the historical value and importance of each site, the students will have a chance to explore the sites, complete projects that will aim to further their understanding of the need to preserve our historic places, and have access to both oral and pictorial histories documenting the timeline and significance of each place. The hope and goal of Whole Places is to leave the student inspired, cognizant, and proud of the state’s history.